Dear Sirs,

We do realise, how safety during-long distance journeys important is, that is why as an earnest business partner ComfortClass company in alliance with the biggest and most trusted insurance companies provides you with insurance not only against random incidents but we also take care of you in case of coaches’ failures which make further tour continuation impossible. Below you will find 2 sorts of cases covered by insurance on ComfortClass’s side.


By choosing a reliable coach operator, the ComfortClass company, you have complete confidence that everything will go smoothly. Fate sometimes plays tricks on people and unfortunately nobody has influence on unpredicted situations. With a view to your safety we do hereby inform that each passenger traveling by a ComfortClass’s coach is insured against random incidents consequences. The insurance covers random incidents by boarding and getting off a coach as well as on its deck. The insurance guarantee sum against random accidents consequences for each passenger amounts to: PLN 50 000.

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ComfortClass is a professional coach rental company. Professionalism, however, should go together with responsibility. In case of a coach’s failure and the inability of repairing the vehicle during a journey (e.g. on the road or in a nearby garage) as well as the lack of available buses at a given moment in one of our three stations, ComfortClass provides a replacement coach on the spot of the same standard and capacity. We are in a possession of the appropriate insurance policy which guarantees you that even in case of our coach’s failure you journey will be continued to the very end by a replacement coach.

In case of any doubts or additional questions please feel free to contact us on the phone: +48 500 824 174 or +48 501 767 620.